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Teddy Bear Bordoodle Puppies

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Bordoodle Puppy Price

Bicolor & Tricolor $1,850 | Merle $3,550

Blue Merle | Red Merle | Muddy Merle

Black Abstract | Black & White | Red |Red & White | Apricot | Gold | Blonde | Cream



Non-Refundable, But Transferable.

*The deposit is $500 unless we are delivering your puppy. When delivering your puppy, the deposit is the delivery fee.

Pick up your puppy in person here in Missouri, or choose from one of the following delivery options:

One of our family members will hand-deliver and fly your puppy directly to you in the comfort of the airplane cabin.

We will personally drive your puppy to you; rates vary according to distance traveled.

Please contact us for a quote!

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F1b Bordoodle Puppies Expected June 2024

Bordoodle Puppies for Sale

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