Happy Bordoodle Puppy Owners

2J 2K Bordoodle puppy evalutor.
2J 2K Bordoodles Good Dog excellent health testing badge.

Leia is the smartest dog! She learns something new every day. She loves water, the woods, creeks, and hiking, and is a great traveler. Leia is living a dog’s dream! Her coat is silky, soft and beautiful, and doesn’t shed. She has brought me to life!

B. Wood ~ 2J 2K F1 Bordoodle Owner Hinton, OK

Sadie is doing great. She is an extremely loving dog and is very trainable; it is just up to us to put her to the task! She LOVES other dogs and people! She loves being outside in the snow, and the cold doesn’t seem to bother her. We are keeping her coat long for the winter. Her coat is teddy bear soft and thick, and she doesn’t shed. We have had some setbacks because of the pandemic, we haven’t had many visitors, and it’s always a big event for her when somebody comes to the house. She knows not to jump on us and follows our commands, but when somebody new comes in the house, she forgets her manners and is kinda crazy for the first 10-15 minutes. The puppy evaluation mostly describes the dog I have now. Upon evaluation, our pup was extremely calm, she definitely has a bit more energy than displayed, but our breeder even mentioned that when she sent the evaluation scorecards.

E. Simon ~ 2J 2K F1 Bordoodle Owner Chicago, IL

We recently got a puppy from 2J 2K Bordoodles, and Kara was absolutely fantastic to work with. I spoke to several breeders across the country, and Kara was the most communicative of all of them; and once we were on the list for a puppy, she sent regular updates and helpful information. She was also very professional and personable and returned emails and answered questions promptly. The puppy evaluation and scorecards were also very helpful in choosing the right dog for us. The delivery process to California was easy (even with a snowstorm that delayed flights). Kara managed scheduling, communications, and payment with the flight nanny (as opposed to some other breeders where you have to find your own transportation).
We chose a Bordoodle after extensively researching breeds for medium energy, low shed, and family-friendly dogs, and that’s exactly what we got with our happy, healthy, and polite puppy.  Kara and her family gave our puppy a great start, and we would highly recommend her awesome breeding program!
C. Peters ~ 2J 2K F1 Bordoodle Owner Moraga, CA